Artificial Pitch Installation

Synthetic Artificial Pitches are designed to meet the rigorous demands of continuous use and so long as they are maintained properly they will meet their requirements easily. HB Sports Surfaces install Sand Filled, Sand Dressed or 3G Artificial Pitches.

Artificial Pitch Installation

Sport pitches which are used intensively over long periods of time can deteriorate rapidly and so extensive and continuous maintenance is usually required in order to keep sport surfaces operational. Overuse can result in bald patches and it can become impossible to sustain a perfectly consistent surface. Unfortunately during the winter period natural grass surfaces can mean a number of matches have to be cancelled due to the playing surface being frozen or water-logged.

Many who have always maintained natural grass sport surfaces are now considering artificial grass in order to reduce maintenance costs and generate more income during the winter time.

sand filled artificial pitch Installation

Artificial Pitch – Sand Filled

If space is restrictive Sand Filled Artificial Sport Turf is of great use as a variety of sports can be accommodated on a single facility: Hockey, Tennis, Basketball it is more suitable as a practice surface for some sports such as football and netball.

Sand Dressed Pitch Installation

Artificial Pitch – Sand Dressed

Sand Dressed Carpet Turf is a dense short pile that requires a fine sand infill. This kind of Artificial Sport Turf is much greener in its appearance as they have more fibres exposed than a Sand Filled Turf; infill sand is used to support the fibres to within 5-8mm of the tips and this sand gives the surface its stability.
Sand Dressed Artificial Turf is an ideal surface for a Multi Sport Pitch, it’s ideal for Tennis and especially suitable for Hockey due to the achievable speed of ball role, if it’s to be used for football then sand dressed turf is more suitable as a practice surface and 3G artificial turf is recommended for rugby.

 3G Pitch Installation

Artificial Pitch – Third Generation (3G)

Third Generation artificial grass not only has sand infill it also has a rubber crumb infill. Fibres of up to 65mm are supported by the rubber and sand infill levels, it is possible to adjust this infill level in order to produce optimum playing characteristics for particular games.
3G turf is ideal for football and if a shock absorbent pad is installed underneath, it is perfect for rugby.

Pitch Installation
Pitch Installation
Pitch Installation

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