Deep Cleaning / Decompaction

On top of Regular Brushing we strongly recommend an annual Deep Clean. Over the year moss, dirt and debris build up and affect the colour and the performance.

Our powerful deep cleaning service revitalises your synthetic sports surface ensuring you continue to get the best performance out of your surface.

The infill systems of artificial sports pitches that are surrounded by deciduous trees and vegetation are susceptible to chronic drainage problems, moss and algae contamination and poor play characteristics.

A deep clean is advisable in these circumstances as Drag Brushing, Sweeping and Power Brushing are often not invasive enough to tackle these problems, especially on older sports surfaces.

Specialist Deep Cleaning machinery is used to intrusively de-compact and filter the sports surface infill. Rotary brushes rotate in different directions in order to extract the deep set sand. Contaminates are subsequently filtered out and infill particles are de-compacted preventing the pile from ‘folding over’. This maintenance procedure is perfect for sand-filled or sand-dressed hockey pitches, tennis courts and football pitches etc. Drainage will be significantly improved, moss and algae growth treated and the overall artificial sports surface performance consequently reinstated.

A Deep Clean performed when advised serves to back up regular maintenance regimes such as Drag Brushing and Power Grooming.

A Deep Clean is carried out at its most effective during periods of dry weather and is carried out on all types of synthetic grass surfaces including sand filled, sand dressed, and rubber filled systems. Moss killer should be applied to the affected areas well in advance to ensure the chemicals have time to kill off the spores.

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