Line Marking

HB Sports Maintenance offer line marking services for all types of synthetic sports surfaces and can professionally line all pitch, court and track-based sports. We recommend that line markings are renewed twice a year on sand-filled and sand-dressed sports surfaces.

The type of paint we use for line marking artificial sports pitches is called Two Pack Polyurethane.

This paint can be applied to surfaces in dry weather with temperatures of 5 degrees Centigrade and above, this is one of the advantages it has over water based acrylic which has to be applied on a warm dry day. Two Pack Polyurethane paint is very flexible, it bonds to artificial surfaces well and it is chemically cured.

A number of variables effect the longevity of painted sports lines on artificial grass, the wax coatings applied at the production stage of the artificial grass can make it harder for the paint to adhere, but we have found that Two Pack Polyurethane Paint lasts longer than the water based acrylic.

Colours we use at present are: White, Red, Yellow, Blue however other colours are available should you require us to use them.

As with any painted surface painted sports lines on artificial surfaces will need to be re-painted as they do wear off and fade over time. Maintenance of line markings is crucial to sports surface presentation. Clear line markings make an artificial surface more pleasurable to play on. Sport lines tend to be the first points affected by the build up of algae and moss etc, so it is vitally important to keep them maintained.

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