3G Sports Surface

Third Generation Artificial Grass or 3G Artificial Grass utilises longer fibres and as well as a sand infill it also has a rubber crumb infill.

Artificial grass fibres from 35mm to 65mm are supported by a rubber and sand infill and it is possible to adjust this infill level in order to produce optimum playing characteristics for particular games.

Generally 3G artificial sports pitches are used for the sport of football. However shorter versions make excellent pitches for hockey practice. The rubber and sand infill which supports the longer fibres of the 3G surface when combined with a shock pad installed beneath, make the pitch perfect for the contact sport of rugby. When professionally installed these 3G pitches are considered to be as safe as real grass pitches.

In order to correctly maintain artificial 3G sports surfaces they require regular brushing, especially prior to hockey being played as ball roll is crucial to this game. The heavier the usage of the 3G pitch the more frequent the pitch would require maintenance brushing. The thin layer of sand at the base of the pile helps to support the yarn and weigh down the carpet, whilst the rubber crumb ensures the fibres are supported, this provides the play characteristics similar to natural grass. As the rubber granules are a loose infill, they may tend to migrate off the surface and on to surrounding areas. Regular maintenance would ensure the straying granules are cleared and replaced where necessary.

HB Sports Surfaces offer a comprehensive maintenance programme for 3G artificial sports pitches, all detritus is removed, any repairs required are made and sand as well as rubber levels topped up to ensure longevity of the sports pitch.

Pooling, standing water and mud can all be a problem on real grass sports pitches and sports clubs ideally want sports pitches that drain well with no standing water. Artificial 3G Sports Surfaces can provide the solution: they can be played on all year round, they don’t hold pooling water, they are not prone to become muddy and they can provide the excellent play characteristics. Bad weather conditions do not stop play when the sports surface is a well installed artificial pitch. Many football clubs consider artificial turf to be an investment that also gives an effective return.

For this kind of 3G Artificial Sport Surface to be properly maintained it would require:

The polyethylene yarn is more durable than the standard polypropylene. Backing is Polypropylene & Polyester Woven + Fleece, thermally bonded for greater carpet stability and long term wear.

Many football clubs find that artificial turf is an investment that also gives an effective return.

HB artificial sports pitches supply and install artificial grass ideal for football and rugby, all are specifically designed for players of all abilities.

Sports Pitch Problems

If you are suffering from problems to your 3G, Sand filled or Sand dressed sports pitch then HB Sports Surfaces have the solutions to these and more:

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