Stevenage Artificial Pitch Maintenance

Stevenage Artificial Pitch Maintenance

HB Sports Surfaces Ltd are a Midlands based company, we have extensive experience of Maintenance and refurbishment of artificial sports pitches, our services are now available in Stevenage.
Stevenage Sports Surfaces constructed from Artificial Grass require specialist expertise both in their installation and maintenance.

Maintenance of Artificial Sports Pitches is a lot easier than those laid of a natural grass surface. The maintenance of Artificial Pitches laid in Stevenage is a lot more affordable than the year round attention real grass would require. Whilst quotes for an artificial pitch installation in Stevenage may seem alot higher than quotes for real grass pitches, the costs incurred for maintenance of an artificial pitch will more than offset any initial installation costs.

HB Sports Surfaces can offer fully comprehensive cleaning and maintenance services for all types of Stevenage synthetic sports surfaces: Artificial Grass, Synthetic Clay, Astro Turf Pitches, Multi-Use Games Areas (MUGAS).

HB Sports Surfaces are fully skilled in installation and maintenance of School Playgrounds and Children’s Playgrounds.

In order to maximise the investment made in installing an artificial pitch it is vital that it is correctly maintained in order to prolong the life of the pitch as long as possible. If the artificial pitch is not regularly and properly maintained, it will result in the artificial pitch wearing prematurely. Poor maintenance would lead to a poor quality pitch, poor play performance and the artificial pitch will become unsafe.

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Artificial Pitch Installation in Stevenage

Artificial pitches which are used intensively over long periods of time, can deteriorate rapidly and so extensive and expensive maintenance is usually required in order to keep artificial pitches operational. Overuse can result in bald patches and it can become impossible to sustain a perfectly consistent surface. Unfortunately during the winter period natural grass surfaces can mean a number of matches have to be cancelled due to the playing surface being frozen or water-logged.

Many who have always maintained natural grass sport surfaces are now considering artificial grass in order to reduce maintenance costs and generate more income during the winter time. HB Sports Surfaces can replace your Stevenage natural grass pitch with a new All Weather Artificial Pitch.

Stevenage Artificial Pitches are designed to meet the rigorous demands of continuous use and so long as they are maintained properly they will meet their requirements easily.

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