In-Fill Tops Ups - Sand or Rubber

Sand replacement and Surface Repairs may be required after a number of years as even sports surfaces that are regularly maintained can become compacted, in some cases debris can cause problems and this would result in poor drainage.

Areas which suffer excessive use ie: a penalty spots can after years deteriorate and the surface may deform causing poor play conditions. It is essential to keep the infill levels topped up to prevent this, as insufficient infill will not protect or support the yarn pile satisfactorily. If infill procedures are not carried out correctly it could lead to more costly maintenance costs in the future.

Compacted sand and debris removal is carried out using a Power Sweeper, new sand is then laid, spread and brushed into the carpet, this repair renders the sports surface as good as new and far cheaper than installing a new surface. Any vandalism to an artificial sports pitch is on the whole generally easily fixed.

HB Sports Surfaces offer an infill top-up service for sand-in-filled and rubber-in-filled surfaces. Your pitch will be restored to performance level and its life span subsequently increased.

InFill Replacement

Over a long period of time a sand or rubber infill system may become too contaminated or too compacted for a corrective maintenance procedure to be fully effective. Drainage may be affected by a congested / contaminated in-fill. The general Play Performance of the artificial sports surface will degenerate. If this is the case the synthetic sports surface will require an infill replacement which will add a few more years on to the life of the surface.

3G Decompaction

3G sports surfaces have a rubber crumb in-fill; this can become compacted over time leaving the top of the yarn unsupported. If this type of compaction does occur the sports surface will be incapable of withstanding intensive play. A de-compaction maintenance procedure would be advisable at this stage. De-compaction would help to release compacted rubber and brushing helps to evenly re-distribute the infill throughout the area.

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